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Exclusive: Why ‘Rieng Genje’ singer Ngesh Bad Gal is still hawking

Rising Gengetone sensation Mary Wangeci, popularly known as Ngesh Bad Gal, has opened up about her struggles in the music industry.

Ngesh as she is fondly referred to revealed that many individuals who promised to help her have failed to follow through with their commitments.

Despite her newfound fame, the 22-year-old singer has resorted to resuming her hawking activities in order to sustain herself in the challenging economic climate.

In an interview with Nairobi News, Ngesh Bad Gal shared her journey and the unexpected success of her hit song Kaveve Kazoze. She clarified that the phrase translates to people consuming miraa.

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Ngesh Bad Gal expressed her surprise at the song’s popularity, as she was initially focused on her hawking business and was unaware of her trending status until a friend sent her a video.

“I did not expect my song would become a hit. I was busy in my business and so when I opened my internet, I was sent a video by a friend and that is how I knew I was trending,” she said.

The talented artist had also reached out to fellow musician Ssaru for a collaboration, demonstrating her ambition and desire to collaborate with established artistes in the industry.

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Despite her determination and talent, Ngesh Bad Gal highlighted the difficulties she has faced in securing the promised assistance from individuals who pledged their support.

“People are promising so much but they are not fulfilling that is why I am still hawking,” she said.

“I will still hawk since I can’t eat my brand.

She completed her secondary education in 2021 and had been doing manual labor before venturing into hawking.

She says that despite the promises made by others in the industry, she will remain committed to her hawking business, selling sling bags in Tearoom, Nairobi.

Her hit song has garnered over 700,000 views on YouTube in just a month since its release.

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