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EXCLUSIVE: Why Willis Raburu, Nameless and The Murayas missed Akothee’s wedding

Singer Akothee brought together people from all walks of life to her wedding ceremony that took place on Monday, April 10, 2023.

Countless celebrities have been flaunting photos and videos from the event.

Those who attended the wedding were top politicians, business people, media personalities among others.

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Among the notable media personalities who missed the wedding were Akothee’s close friend Willis Raburu, The Mathenges (Nameless and Wahu) and The Murayas (DJ Mo and Size 8 Reborn).

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Citizen TV’s journalist Willis Raburu said he apologized to the bride to let her know he was engaged elsewhere.

“I was among the committee members at KICC’s Battle of The Choirs in Nairobi event that took place last night and that is why I could not attend Akothee’s wedding. Yes I was very much invited and I called her to send my apologies,” Raburu said.

He has already bought a gift for Akothee, which he will present in due time at their home.

DJ Mo also spoke through his Instagram page, refuting claims that they were left out of Akothee’s guest list for her wedding on Monday.

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While sharing a copy of the invite, DJ Mo clarified that they were also invited, only that they had other engagements.

“We were not around. We came back very late,” DJ Mo said.

Wahu also sent a congratulatory message to the couple.

She said she could not manage to attend the wedding since her young baby was unwell.

“My beautiful crazy friend @akotheekenya and @misteromosh …you two deserve all the happiness in the world! Here’s wishing you all God’s blessings as you begin this beautiful journey together.
I feel bad for not being able to attend as my little boss Miss Shi isn’t well.
With you in spirit, and cheering you on as you start your forever journey together! Here’s to Mr & Mrs Omosh! 🥂🍾🥂,” Wahu said on her social media platforms.

Curious netizens have also observed that Akothee’s sister Cebbie did not post anything in regard to the wedding.

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She also did not attend Akothee’s wedding.

The two sisters fell out a few months ago and Akothee never attended Cebbie’s wedding.

In a lengthy post, Akothee put on her timeline back in October, she said she wishes Cebbie well but does not wish to be associated with her or anything she does.

Akothee further said that she would not be attending Cebbie’s wedding nor will Cebbie attend any of her functions.

“No elder sibling can support the young one and then start competing with them, how can you start competing with your own project? It’s like you are competing against yourself. There is nothing like sibling rivalry if you are not arguing over family inheritance. Call out Jealousy,” she wrote.

Socialite Risper Faith said she was not invited to the wedding and through her Instagram page, but wished the couple well.

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