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Exclusive: Yvette Obura on fighting ‘bitter ex-lover’ tag

Bahati’s baby mama, Yvette Obura, has always been a target for online bullies.

She says she has often been the victim of people who had nothing better to do than sit behind their computer screens and insult her.

They criticised her every move and made fun of her at every opportunity.

Most of the time, the trolls come from people who don’t know her very well.

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In a recent interview with Nairobi News, she says it is something she has gotten used to over the years, but it has never gotten easier.

Yvette says she often scrolls through her social media pages and comes across a particularly nasty comment.

Mostly from strangers who have nothing better to do than attack her.

Yvette says she has had enough and is tired of keeping quiet while people insult her for no reason.

She decided to respond, not to be rude, but to make a statement.

She wanted to let people know that her social media pages belong to her and that she is in control of what she posts.

“I’m not replying to be rude, I’m replying to make a statement that this is my social media page and this is my life and if you don’t like me, don’t follow me at all,” she said.

That made Yvette feel empowered.

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From that day on, Yvette refused to give space to the haters who attacked her online. She had enough self-confidence to know that their opinions didn’t matter.

Yvette has a daughter with the singer, which she says is the reason some people hate her.

She says people had the authority to say whatever they wanted about her, but she also knew that their opinions didn’t define her.

“People can be rude for no reason. They hate people for no reason. The only thing about you is what blogs say. People have the authority to say anything about me and even think whatever they want, and if your opinion is triggered by what you heard, you might be wrong,” she said.

When asked if she was a “bitter ex-lover of Bahati” when their relationship went sour. Yvette had no comment.

However, she did reveal that at the time she was happy with her life and choices and didn’t need anyone’s approval to validate them.

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