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EXCLUSIVE: Yvette Obura: Why Diana Marua and I are no longer close

Bahati’s baby mama, Yvette Obura, has revealed why she doesn’t spend much time with Diana Marua, Bahati’s wife.

Yvette and Bahati have a daughter, Mueni, and Yvette used to spend most of her time at Bahati’s house with her daughter.

However, things changed after Yvette allegedly took Mueni to live with her. This move reportedly caused a rift between the two women.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Yvette said their busy schedules had limited their time together, but they are on good terms.

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She said, “We are in good terms just that we are so busy to catch up as we used to. There are a lot of speculations going on social media but as she clarified, we are good.”

In a past social media interaction, Diana responded to a follower who wished to continue seeing Mueni join her other siblings during the Bahati family’s happy moments.

The fan identified as Damat Giriama said, “Whatever it is that happened, I rebuke the spirit of separation in Jesus’ name! Let peace reign and God brings back baby Mueni home to her siblings,” the fan wrote.

Diana responded to the post telling the fan to stop involving Jesus where some other issues are.

“Let’s not involve Jesus where there is ungratefulness, bitterness, and spite,” Diana responded.

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It was at this point that netizens claimed Diana had suggested Yvette was bitter and spiteful. However, in a recent interview, Diana clarified that she has no beef with Yvette or Mueni.

She said, “I don’t have a problem with Mueni. She is my daughter, and I also don’t have a problem with her mother. I have no beef with anyone whatsoever. It’s just that we probably haven’t found time to catch up.”

Yvette also urged netizens to be kind to celebrities as they go through tough things like everyone else.

She said, “If a person has not hurt you, my request to all social media users is they be kind to them.”

It’s essential to remember that celebrities have feelings and go through personal struggles, just like everyone else.

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