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Expect heavy rains and storm in Nairobi over the weekend

The weatherman has issued an advisory to residents of Nairobi to expect heavy rains and storms over the weekend.

The rains and storms will be expected from Saturday morning to Monday night in Nairobi, Coastal areas and Rift Valley.

“Heavy rainfall of more than 50mm/24hrs is likely to occur on Saturday, Sunday and Monday in counties around the coastal region, highlands west and east of the Rift Valley, Nairobi area and South Eastern Counties,” read an advisory from the Kenya Meteorological Department.

The advisory added that most of the rain in coast will be in the morning while other areas like Nairobi will receive afternoon and night showers.


“Residents in all areas are advised to be on the lookout for heavy rainfall that may result in flash floods and lightning in some areas. People should avoid driving, wading or walking through any fast moving waters,” read the instructions on the advisory.

The department’s deputy director told Nairobi News that more advisories will be issued throughout the weekend on what to expect in the specific areas.

Already the department on Friday shared a more detailed advisory for the coastal residents to expect heavy rains from Saturday midnight to 3pm.