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Expect more heavy rainfall and floods, the weatherman warns

By Hilary Kimuyu October 24th, 2019 2 min read

A weekly weather forecast from the Kenya Meteorological Department has projected heavy rainfall in parts of the country including Nairobi in the coming days until Monday October 28.

Some parts of the country will experience up to 20mm of rains and are expected to experience floods which might lead to road slippery as well as poor visibility.


Areas likely to be affected include Nairobi as well as Coast, South and North Eastern, West and Central regions.

“The intensities are expected to be higher especially over Central, Northeast and Coastal regions,” the Meteorological Department said in a statement.

The met dept also warned that that several parts of the country are expected to experience heavy rainfall of more than 20mm in 24 hours.

“Residents in all the mentioned areas are advised to be on the lookout for potential flash floods, flood waters may suddenly appear even in places where it has not rained heavily and can be deeper and faster than they look,” the Meteorological Department has said.

“Residents are also advised to avoid driving through, or walking in moving water of open fields and not to shelter under trees and near grilled windows to minimize exposure to lightning strikes,” the department further warned.


Last week, four people perished in a night drowning incident in Kitui County after their car was swept while crossing a flooded seasonal river.

The incident happened at Mutindi stream near Matinyani market on Wednesday night when the double cabin pick up, which had six occupants fell off the bridge plunging into the raging waters.

A week before that, five people died in Meru following heavy rains experienced in the region.

Three were swept away by storm water at Naari market as they sheltered themselves from the heavy rain outside a church; another was swept away by floods while the other was found to have been electrocuted during the downpour.

In a separate incident in Moyale, more than 1,000 people were displaced after two days of heavy rain started earlier this month.