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Expect more rains in the coming days

Different parts of Nairobi will experience occasional morning light rains and afternoon or night showers during the first and second week of January, the Kenya Meteorological Department has said.

However, it will remains sunny and dry towards the end of the month.

Other areas include the Western part of Kenya, the Victorian basin, Southern Rift Valley and South east lowlands which will also experience heavy rainfall resulting to flooding.

“The rainfall outlook for the month of January 2020 indicates that most parts of the country will have occasional rainfall during the first and second weeks of the month and remain generally sunny and dry towards the end of the month,” the department tweeted.

The rainfall is expected to be more frequent in the afternoon and during the night, with the expected total amounts likely to be above the long-term average for January.

The country has been experiencing more than normal amounts of rainfall since October last year, resulting to flooding and loss of life and property.

Kenya Meteorological Department attributed the heavy rains being experienced to sea surface temperatures anomalies in the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.