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Expeditions Maasai Safaris rewards Kevin Mboya with holiday to Mombasa after heartbreak

By Collins Omulo January 31st, 2023 2 min read

Kenya’s leading travel agency Expeditions Maasai Safaris has rewarded digital media consultant-turned-YouTuber Kevin Mboya with a three-day holiday trip after being heartbroken by his girlfriend.

The YouTuber will now have a chance to nurse his broken heart in Mombasa with the travel agency paying for his flights, accommodation, meals and all drinks.

Expeditions chief executive officer Mr Pancras Karema said the company will fly Mr Mboya to Mombasa for three days an interrupted beach getaway.

The development, he said, followed requests by the travel agency’s followers and customers to console the young man with a holiday trip.

This is in line with the tour firm’s previous rewards to other Kenyans who have trended in the country for one thing or another including Cucu wa Tiktok, Lukresia Robai (the dancing nurse), Alvin Kaunda and others.

“Our customers have spoken. They want us to console Kevin Mboya ndio arudi soko. We will fly him to Mombasa for three days for an interrupted beach getaway with flights, accommodation, meals and all drinks on us,” said Mr Karema.

“By the time he is coming back to Nairobi, he won’t even be remembering the name of that girl who broke his heart,” he added while presenting the holiday voucher to Mboya.

For his part, Mr Mboya could not hide his excitement: “Thank you for extending this gift to me. It will help me get back on my feet and hopefully get a woman who deserves me.’’

Mr Mboya travelled for over 500 km from Nairobi to surprise his girlfriend in Kwale to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday.

In a video update via his socials, Mboya disclosed that upon reaching Kwale, his girlfriend became unresponsive and until now he is yet to hear from her.

He narrated that he showed up at her workplace and was assured by the receptionist that he would be able to see the love of his life but that never happened.

“Thank you to everyone who has come out to encourage me to speak out about what really happened in Kwale. In an African setup, it’s not easy for men to come out and speak about these things because of the male ego and also because you will be judged and called names to shame you,” he posted on Twitter.