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EXPOSED: How city con men made a fortune from police vetting

Shocking details have emerged of how city con men made a kill from senior police officers who were jittery about about being vetted by the National Police Service Commission (NPSC).

The senior police officers were reportedly afraid that details of their academic credentials and past professional conduct could return to haunt them when subjected to scrutiny.

Details of the scam were revealed by NPSC chairman Johnston Kavuludi on Wednesday when he sought to clear the Commission from allegations of receiving bribes to clear some officers.

The ring of con men are said to have convinced the senior officers that they could prevail on NPSC Commissioners to get a favourable ruling on their eligibility to continue in police work.


According to Mr Kavuludi,  the con men would call the senior officers prior to their vetting to ask for money claiming they will be favoured by the commission.

He said no officer has been dismissed unfairly and that police officers have the chance to seek a review.

The NPSC chairman also claimed that commissioners have received constant threats to their lives since the commission was formed. He revisited an incident where a box containing a human head was delivered to his office two years ago

He however said the commission will not be cowed and will continue to conduct its mandate of vetting, recruiting, confirming appointments and reviewing transfers and promotions.