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Eymael apologizes for ‘racist’ remarks

Luc Eymael has issued a formal apology for comments he reportedly made in the past that negatively portrayed African football.

But the Belgian coach, who managed Kenyan club AFC Leopards in the past, refutes allegations he is a racist.

“I repeat that I’m not a racist person. You cannot work in Africa for 11 years and be racist. I have helped so many people in each country that I have coached in. Labelling me a racist is nothing but a ca-belle against me,” Eymael told Africa Sports Today.

Eymael got into trouble last year when an audio recording he released during his stint at Tanzanian giants Yanga went viral in which he was heard saying Tanzanian fans make ‘noise like monkeys’.

But Eymael, who’s also handled Sudan’s El Merreikh, Rwanda’s Rayon Sport, plus South Africa Free State Stars, says some of the words in that audio are not his.

“It was true that I spoke about the working conditions and the situations that happened to my wife several times. I also said that I preferred not to continue at the club in the next season but I did not speak racist words as it was presented.”

“I can understand people that heard those audio clips and I want to once again apologize to all the people that have been hurt by my words and actions. Those words were taken out of context and were used to completely tarnish my reputation. I did not say some of the statements in the audio. I just want to apologize to all the fans. I respect you so much and I am sorry of the broadcasted details hurt you.”

Eymael’s latest comments are seen as an effort to clear his name after he failed to get two coaching jobs in South Africa amid claims activists and football administrators in the country vetoed his appointment.