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Ezekiel Mutua blames media for Raila, Wajackoyah ‘no show’

Ezekiel Mutua has appeared to fault the media for the move by two candidates to skip Tuesday’s presidential debate.

Azimio’s Raila Odinga and Roots Party’s George Wajackoyah snubbed the debate in Nairobi, with the two other candidates namely William Ruto and Wahiga Mwaure turning up.

The missing candidates gave their reasons for not turning up, with Odinga arguing he cannot debate Ruto whom he referred to as ‘corrupt’ while Wajackoyah gave a demand to be allowed to debate all the three other candidates and not only Mwaure.

Nevertheless, Mutua, the Music Copyright Society of Kenya’s (MCSK) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) appears to suggest the media is to blame for the move by Odinga and Wajackoyah to miss out.

“The media falls short of key tenets of accuracy, objectivity, and fairness. They must up their game to be seen as the last line of defense,” observed Mutua.

He however fell short of citing some examples of a lack of objectivity by the media.

Mutua has in the past suggested that Wajackoyah, who has centred his manifesto on the cultivation of marijuana for commercial purposes, might be the person to watch in the August 9 polls.

“It may sound crazy, but Prof. Wajackoyah will cause a re-run. I sat down with a group of young people last night and was shocked to hear the animated conversation on why they love the guy. If the talks are anything to go by, Wajackoyah will get over 1m votes and that will be a game changer.”