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Ezekiel Mutua endorses Firirinda

By Chad Kitundu February 25th, 2021 1 min read

A song released nearly thirty-five years ago has sent Kenyans on a frenzy.

Firirinda song by Dick Munyonyi suddenly went viral on Thursday in the process caught the attention of  Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Chief Executive Ezekiel Mutua, commonly known on social media circles as Kenya’s moral police, who endorse it.

Mutua has been at loggerheads with a section of local artists over “inappropriate” content said the song is fitting for consumption by Kenyans of all ages.

“FIRIRINDA (Free rinda) is the kind of content we want. It’s a nice traditional song based on Kenya’s culture. The song is approved by KFCB for consumption by people of all ages. It depicts the warmth and joy of welcoming visitors (the African way)!” he tweeted.

According to Mutua, the song’s label was derived from “Free Rinda” meaning the dresses put on by women would move freely whenever they hit the floor to dance.

“Firirinda” is an upbeat song in which the narrator (in this case, the singer) welcomes guests into his home.

The song has become a sensation on all media platforms having it trending on Tiktok where mostly young people share videos and dance challenges.

Munyonyi stopped singing a few years after releasing “Firirinda” after contracting tuberculosis. It is being reported that well-wishers have already sent him some goodies since the song went viral.

In one of the stanzas, the singer says that those who do not drink should be offered sugarless tea and settle, enjoy his home.

On Tuesday, after the pro-BBI group led by President Uhuru and ODM leader Raila Odinga had prevailed MCAs and residents in Murang’a, Nyeri and Kiambu erupted into the now-viral dance.