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Ezekiel Mutua forces Caroline Mutoko to issue rare apology

By NAIRA HABIB September 26th, 2017 2 min read

Media personality Caroline Mutuko has apologized to the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) after going ham on the agency in a post on her YouTube channel

Ms Mutoko was responding to allegations that a short movie based on the life of Kenyan community organizer and entrepreneur Kennedy Odede will be filmed in South Africa.

“I do not understand how they will have to go all the way to south Africa, create a slum that is Kibera and create SHOFCO, find slum children, why would that happen? I will tell you why that would will happen, because apparently it is too expensive to shoot in Kenya, because we are all about the eating. There is no any other reason,” said Ms Mutoko in her post.

KFCB chief executive Ezekiel Mutua however reprimanded the former radio host for publicly making malicious claims without evidence.

He told Ms Mutuko to get her facts right before accusing the film board of having corrupt officials who ask for kickbacks before rendering services.

He clarified that it has not yet been confirmed that the movie will be filmed in South Africa and Mutoko was reacting to rumors.

“In the video, Mutoko claims the alleged choice of South Africa over Kenya is because filming in Kenya is prohibitive. She further attributes this development to corruption in Government, suggesting that Government officials ask for kickbacks so as to render services,” wrote Mr Mutua.

“There is no evidence that the film will be shot in South Africa and not Kenya. Ms Mutoko’s sentiments are based on rumors and information that could be incorrect. The producers have not approached KFCB for a filming license and denied an opportunity to film in the country,” he added

The moral police boss further reminded the radio queen that the choice of locality in which a movie will be filmed solely depends on the producers and has nothing to do with her suggestions that the regulatory environment in Kenya is prohibitive.

Here is his full post.