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Ezekiel Mutua to give up diplomatic passport on arrival at JKIA

Anti-gay crusader Ezekiel Mutua has eaten the humble pie and announced that he will surrender his diplomatic passport Wednesday afternoon upon his return from United States.

The Kenya Film Classification Board chief executive’s concession marks the end of an embarrassing standoff that was sparked after he flaunted his newly acquired Kenyan diplomatic passport on Facebook, hitting at critics who said he would be barred from United States due to his stand against gays and lesbians.

A screenshot of the gloating.

Three days later, the Immigration Department declared that Mr Mutua did not qualify for the diplomatic passport and ordered him to surrender it.

Mr Mutua on Wednesday, while announcing his decision to surrender the diplomatic passport, said he will “voluntarily surrender the said diplomatic passport on arrival at JKIA at 3pm this afternoon.”

He however maintained that the diplomatic passport was issued to him legally and that he had not contravened any law in respect to its acquisition and usage.

He added, “I remain grateful to the Government for entrusting me with this privilege for the time it lasted. I will continue to execute my duties with as much zeal and passion with an ordinary passport.”

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