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Ezekiel Mutua hails Mama Rachel Ruto’s humility

Ezekiel Mutua has urged Kenyans to learn the virtue of humility from First Lady Rachel Ruto.
In a post on Facebook, Mutua who currently serves as the Music Copyright Society of Kenya’s (MCSK) Chief Executive reminisced about his experience of interacting with the First lady.
“I went for burial and didn’t know Mama Rachael Ruto, a friend of the bereaved family, had arrived before me, and unbeknown to me, she was sat in the second row at the VIP section. In her usual humble demeanor, she had agreed to the arrangement, although it was a breach of protocol,” recalls Mutua.
“So I arrive and the protocol team guides me to a seat at the front row, reserved for the governor and other dignitaries. As the function progressed, the master of ceremonies recognized me and made a joke about ‘the moral cop’. It was a funny joke that made everyone burst into laughter. In the process of enjoying the joke, I turn around and realize the gracious lady seated behind me is Mama Rachael.”
Mutua says he moved to where Ruto, then the Second Lady was seated and requested her to take a seat on the front row which she reluctantly accepted.
“She was the Second Lady at the time but behaved like an ordinary lady and on many occasions, I attended functions, especially church ones in the village, and didn’t know she was around until she was acknowledged or called to speak.”
Known as a prayerful woman, Mama Rachel has never shied from showing her love to God despite the persistent talks on social media especially when she meets clergy at State House.

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