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Lucky to be alive: Ezekiel Mutua misses death by a whisker

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO, Ezekiel Mutua, is counting his blessings after having a ‘close brush’ with death on Friday.

In a long Facebook post on Sunday, Mutua recounted how lucky he is to be alive after a routine visit to the hospital for what he though was a ‘normal cough’ turned into an emergency case.

Unknown to him, his was a severe chest congestion, which, according to his doctors, would have proved fatal if he had slightly delayed to check into hospital.

“On Friday I checked myself into Aga Khan Hospital and was declared an emergency case on arrival. Without even registering I was ushered into the emergency room and doctors were quickly summoned to ‘save a life’. I found this strange as all thought I had was a normal cough,” Mutua recounted on his Facebook page.


According to Mutua, it is only the swift action of the medics that saved his life as he was put on a nebulizer while the doctors took blood samples.

“Now through out this procedure which lasted about three hours, I kept thinking how short and fickle life can be. One minute you are fit as fiddle, then suddenly you are staring death on the face.

“I thought about my life and what would have happened if I breathed my last. I am glad I was at peace with my Maker and this is what matters,” Mutua reflected in his post.

“I am eternally grateful to God that I survived to write this post. I am not done with my purpose. I got more work to do. But God allows us to have such close shaves with death for us to re-examine our lives and pursue only things that matter in life. Lessons learnt!,” he concluded.

The post promoted a flurry of goodwill and quick recovery messages for a man whose every post on social media normally attracts negative feedback and backlash from his detractors.