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Ezekiel Mutua reunites with kindhearted woman who helped him 30 years ago

By Keshi Ndirangu February 18th, 2020 1 min read

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) boss Ezekiel Mutua managed to trace a woman who helped him when he got robbed in Nairobi 30 years ago.

According to Mutua’s post on social media, the woman by the name Esther Kavisi came to his help after he was robbed three days to his graduation from university.

“An afternoon well spent in Mwaasua (Machakos County) where I had gone with my friends to honour Mama Esther Kavisi. Mama Esther helped me nearly 30 years ago when I was robbed in the City, three days before my graduation,” Mutua posted on social media.

“I was devastated as I risked missing the graduation following the robbery. Mrs Kavisi didn’t have to help me, but she did. And although I missed getting into the Graduation Square for the graduation, because of her help I managed to pay for the gown and get my parents and village-mates to attend the graduation and celebrate with me,” recounted Mutua.

“Last December I was invited as a guest at the graduation at KU (Kenyatta University) and as I sat on the high table with my name being acknowledged in every speech, I remembered my 1994 ordeal, the shame of hanging in the fence as others sat comfortably in the Graduation Square,” he further recounted.

With the help of his friends Mutua visited and honoured Mrs Kavisi for her kindness. He also said he will take care of her during her old age as his own mother.

“I looked for her and I mobilized my friends to take me to honour Mama Esther for her kindness to me many years ago. I have publicly adopted her as my mother and committed to helping her in her old age,” Mutua wrote.

Coincidentally, Mrs Kavisi shares her first name with Mutua’s biological mother, Esther Mukeli.