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Ezekiel Mutua survives Twitter lynch mob to win second term

By THOMAS MATIKO October 22nd, 2018 1 min read

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) directors have renewed Ezekiel Mutua’s term as it chief executive for three more years.

Dr Mutua was first appointed CEO in October 26, 2015 and his tenure was set to end this Friday. However, the directors have deemed it fir to renew his contract for a second term.

The self-proclaimed moral policeman has exhausted the list of enemies he can make on mainstream media and on social media platforms.

In the film industry, producers and directors have been at odds with Dr Mutua’s stewardship, with the latest being the ban he slapped on the Kenyan lesbian-themed movie ‘Rafiki’.


On Monday, Dr Mutua was in his typical self, bragging about his successes in a morning radio interview of his first term.

He claimed his achievements in the last three years was the reason the board decided to extend his term.

“When I was first appointed, the board gave me two mandates. One, raise the profile of the board. I have done that by over 99%. When I came in no one knew about KFCB let alone pronounce it properly in full. That has since changed. Even government agencies were contradicting our mandate and so I made sure I set up the structures. Two was raise the revenue and I have done that raising it by over five times” Mutua stated.

In his second term, the bullish Mutua has promised to work on strategic connections to ensure the film industry grows.