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Ezekiel Mutua to the rescue of Consolata School pupil in viral video

By Sylvania Ambani September 19th, 2019 2 min read

The matter concerning a pupil at Consolata School who shocked Kenyans with a foul-mouthed self-recorded video has been handled, moral police boss Ezekiel Mutua has said.

Dr Mutua, while speaking to NTV in Mombasa, explained that the parents of the child reached out to him and different government agency seeking the best way to handle the case.

He said that the class seven pupil and his cousin are undergoing counselling and are being given support to try and help the two minors in dealing with their emotions.

Dr Mutua revealed that initial plan of subjecting the minors to an interrogation by police was overruled since the two children deserve to be protected.

“The matter was brought to our attention and we launched investigations. I have been in touch with the parents of both sides and the different government agencies to see how we can handle this issue. Initially, the approach of the police was interrogation, but we said no. These are minor, we first need to protect their privacy,” said Dr Mutua.


Dr Mutua, who is also the CEO of Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB), maintained that it is high time for parents and adults to be aware of the kind of content their children consume and support the work of (KFCB) in trying to regulate content distribution.

“That child is a reflection of the rot in our society, and the video is a wake up call to the damage and the pervasiveness of immoral and dirty content. If you look at the words he is using, it is very vulgar, obscene, and he seems to be enjoying celebrity status and being so proud of himself,” explained Dr Mutua.

“This is the levels that we have sunk in terms of the moral breakdown. The levels of bitterness you see in that particular boy if he had a gun probably he would have gone to school and killed a lot of people. We are sitting on a time bomb. And this is what we have been saying, if you allow content that sanitises bad behaviour and make it look normal,” he further said.