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Was Ezekiel Mutua right in walking out on TV interview?

Moral police boss Ezekiel Mutua has left Kenyans online divided after walking out of a media house before appearing on an early morning interview.

Mr Mutua on Thursday morning was scheduled to appear for a breakfast show at a local media station from 7am to 8am.

However, according to him, even after honoring his appointment and arriving on time he was kept waiting for half an hour as the show hosts analyzed newspapers and news stories.

“A local TV station has been chasing me for a morning show for quite a while. Today I showed up at 7am as requested but was kept waiting for half an hour as they analyzed newspapers and ran stale stories. I removed their microphones and left. Kwani they are giving me life!” the Kenya Film Classification Board boss wrote on Facebook.

Netizens could not agree on whether Mr Mutua was right or wrong in walking out of the show.