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Why Ezekiel Mutua wants this ‘dirty’ sculpture at JKIA pulled down

Kenya’s moral policeman boss Ezekiel Mutua has raised concerns over a metal sculpture of two wildebeests erected at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

In the sculpture, one wildebeest appears to be grazing while the other mounts it.

Mr Mutua argued that the sculpture is sexually suggestive and has written to Kenya Airports Authority, the managers of the airport, asking for an explanation for the display of the ‘bizarre’ art.

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) chief executive is of the view that the sculpture “fails our suitability criteria for content or information meant for public exhibition”.


“This sculpture is bizarre and thoughtlessly sexualized. The sexual connotation depicted in this sculpture adds no value to the marketing of Kenya to tourists arriving or leaving JKIA.

“It’s the work of a dirty mind trying cheaply to sell their creativity. It is not different from the dirty minds who sexualize adverts on TV or on outdoor advertising.

“This sculpture would not lose any value if the animals were simply grazing in their natural habitation. The mounting aspect sends a wrong message and the sculpture must change,” Mr Mutua said in a lengthy Facebook post on Monday


Kenyans on social media quickly pointed out to Mr Mutua that similar sculptures are on display at State House, Nairobi, yet he had never raised a finger of accusation.


However, in telephone interview with Nairobi News, Mr Mutua said comparing the two sculptures is errornesous.

“This is different from the one displayed at State House, which shows the chaos that goes on when the wildebeest are migrating. They jump on each other. The other one at JKIA is a carefully crafted message of an animal mounting another animal,” he explained.

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