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October 29th, 2015 2 min read

There are no good men left, right? Well…wrong. There are still some good men left. It however may not seem so because the dating scene is littered with a variety of appalling types of men; men every woman should totally steer clear of.

Here’s a look into some of them:

1. Romeo – This is the man who will declare love for you at the first meeting. The man who will start talking about plans of a future with you almost immediately. Who will introduce you as his girlfriend before he even knows your second name.

This man may seem like a good catch especially for a woman who is keen to settle down. More often than, not however, he will turn out to be a love con. The city is riddled with con men faking love to wiggle their way into women’s pockets.
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4. The football guy – There is nothing wrong with a man who loves sports. It’s a guy thing, they feed of the adrenaline. There is however something terribly wrong with a man who is obsessed with a sport. That man who will not miss a football match for anything in the world.

The problem with him is that even when you get together with him, nothing changes. Should you start a family with him, Arsenal will always take precedence over his family responsibilities.

5. The gadget man – You have seen him. This is the Nairobi man who is fixated with owning the latest piece of technology. He wants to have an expensive watch, the latest phone model or even car if he can afford it. Not because these gadgets are a good fit in his life but because he wants to show off. His ego is tied with whatever gadget he owns. If you say yes to this man, you will spend the rest of your life massaging his ego.