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This Facebook user gave Uhuru a dressing down and people are loving it

A bold Facebook user has captured the imagination of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s supporters with a comment on his post that has since gone viral.

Farlan Nduhiu, who is a supporter of President Kenyatta, was responding to post by the head of state congratulating US President-elect Donald Trump.

But Nduhiu, unimpressed by the runaway corruption and many other social ills afflicting Kenya, immediately told the president to brace for a defeat in the 2017 election.

His comment has attracted more than 400 replies and 1,500 likes. People also took a screenshot of the post and the comment, which has been forwarded countless times on Whatsapp, Telegram and Twitter, among others.

There are, however, those who did not agree with Mr Ndihiu, telling him to vote for Cord leader Raila Odinga in the next election.