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Why Facebook user wants Kenyans to donate Sh10 each to Okiya Omtata

By NAHASHON MUSUNGU September 21st, 2018 1 min read

A Facebook user has appealed to every ‘working’ Kenyan to send a Sh10 donation to renowned activist Okiya Omtata.

In the post which was updated on the social media 27-minutes after midnight on Friday, the user, who has registered the account under the name ‘Kaba kaba’, explained that the donation would be as a form of kurudisha mkono (appreciation) and for ‘photocopy and bus fare’.

The amount contributed, the user added, will cumulatively total Sh240 million. The user however failed to reveal how the figure was arrived at.

“Every working Kenyan should M-Peas Omtata Sh10 for photocopy bus fare na lunch. It should total Sh240 million,” the user wrote.

Omtata is renowned for perennially filing court petitions challenging government decisions.


Omtata initially made a name for himself a few years ago for his dramatic protests whenever he felt the public was hard done by the government, but has since specialized in public litigation.

This year alone, he has headed to court to stop the implementation of the police reforms announced by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Omtata has also filed cases seeking court to temporarily halt the suspension of all heads of procurement officers, arguing it was a violation of the constitution.

He also submitted a petition seeking to overturn the government’s directive that led to switching off Kenya’s leading TV stations early this year, arguing the act contravened the constitution.

He has further sued Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Mataing’i and 21 other state officials, asking they be held personally liable for countrywide confiscation and burning of betting machines.