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Faces of terror revealed as Riverside CCTV footage emerges

By HILARY KIMUYU January 16th, 2019 1 min read

A footage from a CCTV camera at 14 Riverside office park has emerged showing heavily armed assailants embarked on a killing spree who death toll remains unknown.

The video shows the men dressed in black and green walking into the parking lot with guns and with a clear understanding of the building’s architecture.

The attackers stormed in a few minutes after 3pm after gaining access into the complex .

The face of one of  the attackers faces was clearly captured by the CCTV camera.


Meanwhile, several explosions and heavy gunfire were heard  at the complex on Wednesday morning as security officers advance towards the seventh floor where the attackers are suspected to be hiding.

This comes after more than 50 survivors of the attack were successfully rescued at dawn and reunited with families who had been camping outside for more than 10 hours.

Most of the rescued were hiding on the first floor of the building under tables, chairs and in the washrooms.

According to accounts by the survivors, the security officers reached them at about 4am, identified themselves and escorted them out.