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Fahyvanny brushes off Rayvanny’s past infidelity, says she’s the ‘best’ wife

Fahyvanny, the partner of Tanzanian musician Rayvanny and mother of his child, shared her perspective on infidelity, stating that she is unfazed by any past indiscretions her lover may have had.

Addressing her followers in a recent Instagram Live session, Fahyma confidently stated:

“Sasa wewe mwanamume wangu, ukiniambia eti ndio anamfanya mtu Fulani unadhani ndio unaniumiza au? Wala siumii, nasaidiwa mimi”

(“Now, my man, if you tell me he is involved with someone else, do you think that hurts me? No, it doesn’t. I am being helped”).

Fahyvanny, who reconciled with Rayvanny in March of this year, attributes her peace of mind to Rayvanny’s assurance that she is his dream woman.

She said she believes that Rayvanny’s dating history reflects his completeness as a man.

“Maana mimi ndio the best wife in town, halafu yule mwanamume ni lijali”

(“Because I am the best wife in town, and that man is loyal”).

In response to questions about how she handles the attention Rayvanny receives, Fahyvanny stated in a recent interview, “Because he loves me, and that’s what matters. The rest don’t concern me.”

Fahyvanny also confirmed ongoing plans for marriage with Rayvanny, keeping some details private but assuring the public, “There are plans, but some details are for the family to know. Just know that plans are in motion.”

Rayvanny and Fahyvanny had allegedly parted ways around 2020.

Rayvanny then dated Paula Kajala and went public about their relationship on Valentine’s Day.

However, their relationship faced many challenges after it emerged that Harmonize was seducing Paula while he was dating her mother Frida Kajala.

The claims escalated, forcing Frida to dump Harmonize.

However, in 2022, Konde Boy apologised to Kajala with two Range Rovers and a huge billboard and the two rekindled their love.

In April 2021, Fahyvanny was in the headlines – accusing her baby daddy of subjecting her to social media harassment.

In a series of posts, Fahyma accused Rayvanny of neglecting his family.

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