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Fake doctor Mugo Wa Wairimu busted in fresh ‘rape, abortion’ exposé

A quack doctor charged three years ago with running an illegal clinic where he allegedly raped sedated patients is now a wanted man.

Mr James Mugo Ndichu, also known as Mugo Wa Wairimu, changed location of his clinic from Githurai 44 to Kayole where he is reported to have continued with his wicked ways.

An NTV exposé has revealed the activities inside his new Kayole clinic, similar in nature to the ones that led to his arrest three years ago.

He is now being hunted by Flying Squad to answer to allegations raised against him.

“We are looking for Mr Wairimu and we ask him to present himself to the police for questioning,” Flying Squad boss Musa Yego told Nairobi News on Tuesday morning.

The prosecution of Mr Wairimu collapsed in 2016 after witnesses shied from the case.


The latest NTV exposé by investigative journalist Denis Okari, aired on Monday, details how the quack doctor runs the clinic without adherence to medical regulations.

The string of malpractices he is accused of engaging in include conducting abortions, raping his patients and taking alcohol inside the clinic while attending to patients

He works with two colleagues; one identified as Dr Newton and another identified as Dr Victor who also serves as a cashier.

The exposé captures an obscene scene of one of attendants of the clinic engaging in a sexual act with a drugged patient for 24 minutes.


Mr Mugo was also caught on tape conniving with a 20 year-old girl to procure an abortion, but then lied to the girl’s mother that she was having stomach ailments. The mother is finally forced to part with Sh 23,000.

In another shocking scene, Mr Wairimu conducts an interview with the aim of recruiting a new staff to his team as a patient wails in pain in the same room.

A daring, Mr Wairimu then tells the interviewee to go ahead and remove woolen swabs stuck in the patient’s uterus.

A source whose identity is not revealed in the exposé, narrates how Mr Wairimu injected her with medicine which made her lose consciousness before raping her.