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Two arrested for conning foreign national

By Hilary Kimuyu November 27th, 2020 1 min read

Directorate of Criminal Investigation detectives from the Serious Crime Unit on Thursday arrested two people suspected of conning a foreigner in a fake gold scam.

The two businessmen were nabbed in a Nairobi estate residence. In a statement, DCI said the two were arrested following a complaint filed by a Burkina Faso national who had been swindled “a substantial amount of money”.

The Burkinabe told police, the suspects had promised to sell him gold but conned him the amount which they did not disclose between October 27 and November 16.

The two, according to the DCI sleuths, reportedly told the foreigner that they were in possession of gold which he could purchase.

Police also seized four metal boxes containing fake gold nuggets, assorted stamps and gold smelting equipment.

DCI appealed to any other person who might have fallen victim to the syndicate to file a report at the SCU offices at Mazingira Complex on Kiambu Road.

The two are expected to be arraigned on Monday.