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Fake phones: Jaguar addressed iPhone Street Kenya scandal

By Sinda Matiko December 13th, 2023 2 min read

Despite recent scandalous allegations of selling subpar iPhones and providing lackluster customer support, singer-turned-politician Jaguar insists that his popular iPhone store, iPhone Street Kenya in Nairobi, is still thriving.

The controversy surrounding iPhone Street emerged in October when dissatisfied customers took to social media to share their negative experiences.

Many claimed that phones purchased at the store were not original but rather aged and refurbished products packaged as new, all at the cost of brand-new devices.

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Furthermore, customers criticised the store’s customer care, describing it as unresponsive and unsatisfactory when addressing complaints.

In response to the online backlash, iPhone Street Kenya issued a statement acknowledging their shortcomings.

They admitted to lacking a dedicated customer service team, leading to delays in attending to client queries.

The revelation of the faces behind iPhone Street’s ownership came a day later when Jaguar boldly stepped forward, taking responsibility as the director of the store.

In most cases, such negative publicity can severely impact a business, but Jaguar maintains that iPhone Street is still thriving despite the setback.

Jaguar attributes the controversy to competition and states, “It’s all about competition. We have sold over one million phones, but just like any other business, there’s bound to be a mishap. What happened was one case of a trade-in mishap, and our competitors seized the moment to try and capitalize on that to their advantage.”

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Despite the challenges, Jaguar expresses gratitude for the loyalty of their customers. He believes that the business would have suffered if the products were genuinely subpar, contrary to the accusations.

Addressing why he hadn’t previously disclosed his ownership of the business, Jaguar explains that he felt the need to come forward during the scandal.

He asserts that as a genuine businessman with goodwill among the masses, it was crucial to reassure the public about the integrity of the business.

As the controversy simmers, Jaguar remains confident that iPhone Street Kenya will weather the storm and continue to be a go-to destination for those seeking Apple products in Nairobi.