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Fake police officer charged with multiple counts of fraud and impersonation

Police in Buruburu are holding a man who has allegedly been colluding with police officers at different stations in Nairobi to obtain money by false pretences from members of public through impersonation.

Stanley Maina alias Francis Kangethe has allegedly been conning members of public by purporting to be carrying out investigations on cases they have reported at various police stations.


Maina was on Monday charged at the Makadara Law Courts with five counts of obtaining cash by false pretences and impersonating police officers.

Maina reportedly obtained Sh8,000 from John Muchoge on September 4, 2019 by pretending he was an officer at Buruburu Police Station .

The accused called Muchoge after he reported to Buruburu Police Station that his wife and two children were missing and claimed he had been assigned to trace them using a gadget used by police to trace stolen electronics and suspects using them.

Maina has also been charged with tricking a businessman by the name Francis Ndugu into sending him Sh6,000 to a number of a mobile phone that was found in his possession. He is said to have committed the offence on April 28, 2019 in Buruburu estate.

In the other cases, Maina has been charged with obtaining Sh1,000 from Jesica Indeche on January 17, 2020 and Sh5,000 from Patrick Wachira Nyamu on March 5, 2020 on false claims that was a police officer.

Nyamu had reported that his wife and daughter were missing before Maina called him claiming he had been assigned to trace them. He demanded cash to facilitate the process.


But Nyamu realised he was being conned after Maina claimed he had found them but did not want him to meet them and instead demanded Sh3000 that he said were for his seniors.

Indeche was called by Maina immediately she left the Buruburu Police Station where she had reported fraud after her bank accounts were hacked.

Maina denied all the charges before Chief Magistrate Heston Nyaga who granted him cash bails of different amounts, all totalling to Sh150,000.

Maina was charged at the same court with similar offences earlier this month after he was arrested by officers from Shauri Moyo Police Station for conning members of the public.

He is also wanted at Kamukunji and Dandora Police Stations where seven and eight complaints respectively have been lodged against him.

The suspect has been returned to Buruburu Police Station awaiting re-arrest by officers from the other stations.