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Fake Qatar Airways pilot arrested at JKIA in major security breach

By ANGIRA ZADOCK December 8th, 2016 1 min read

A man has been breaching the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport security by posing as a pilot with the Qatar Airways.

Until his arrest on Wednesday, Mr Geoffrey Mwangi would access most areas of the airport, including the lounges and the air-side.

Mr Mwangi, 36, had the uniform, badge and the airlines’ staff ID and as a result, was subjected to minimal screening.

Though he is expected in court on Friday, detectives had by Wednesday not established the nature of surveillance he had conducted at the airport and the main motive.

He was closely monitored by the airport security officers before the arrest and the detectives are reviewing CCTV footage to monitor his past movements within the airport.

He is still being interrogated and will also be charged with forgery and impersonation.

Investigations will include an analysis of his call data, his associates at the airport and how he obtained the uniform and the identification documents.

Mr Mwangi had a car sticker and would also park at the crew’s yard. He was arrested at terminal 1B. In some cases, police say, he would meet some unknown people near the airline’s offices.

The Kenya Airports Police Unit deputy commandant Rono Bunei said security had been beefed up at the airport.