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Family demanding answers for their son’s sudden death in school – VIDEO

By Amina Wako September 9th, 2019 1 min read

A family is Rongo is seeking answer from Isebania Boys High School after their son died at the school a day after he reported to the institution for the third team.

Fredrick Oyugi, a form one student at the school, left home on Wednesday last week only for the family to be informed that he is dead a day after reporting to school.

The family now want answers to why they were only informed of the death of their kin after the body had already been taken to mortuary and the preservation process had started.

According to the mother of the deceased, Risper Oginga, her son fainted in class in the presence of the teacher.

“I received a call from the school asking me if my son has complained of any issue while at home during the school holiday,” the grieving mother said.

On getting to the school, the mother says, the school attempted to conceal the truth from her and it’s only when she got angry that she was told what had happened to her son.


When they visited the mortuary they found the body lying on a table and the preservation process already started.

“Tulipata amelalishwa hapo kwa meza, akiwa uchi, amedungwa sindano hapo (pointing to the eye) nikauliza na hii damu ni nini kwa kitamba? Waliniambia walidunga dawa lakini sindano haikuchukua,” said the tearful mother.

The family claims they cannot access the body of the deceased at the mortuary without approval from the school.

The family now wants the principal of the school to explain what might has happened to their son.