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No, Paul Magu is not alive and he hasn’t phoned his mum

The family of the late lawyer Paul Magu has dismissed claims on social media that he is still alive and that he has been making telephone calls to his mother.

The claims, which started on Monday, suggest that Mr Magu was seen at a popular bar in Thika town.

Further, that he has contacted his mother, Keziah Wambui,  informing her that he would be attending New Year celebrations at their home in Juja.

Other claims suggested that Mr Magu, when asked where he had been all along, said he was in Nigeria with his family and that his wife and children are fine.


On Wednesday however, Mr Magu’s  brother Andrew Muhiu told Nairobi News on phone that the claims are untrue and are an unwelcome distraction  to the family’s healing process.

“After we lost the five members of my brother’s family, we have been trying to heal and now with all these stories on social media platforms things are getting tough,” he said.

Mr Muhiu appealed to Kenyans to give the family time to mourn and recover instead of peddling lies that put the family in danger.

“My mother is a teacher and with schools reopening soon she needs to be at peace and secure. So when people say she is communicating with a dead person it is even a threat to her security,” said Mr Muhiu.

The bodies of lawyer Paul Magu, his wife Lydia Wangui, and their three children were buried in one grave early this month following their bizarre deaths that were clouded with allegations of cult worship.

Mr Magu was knocked down by a bus on the Garissa-Thika road, while the mutilated body of his wife was found at Paradise Lost Resort, off Kiambu Road. The children’s bodies were found a few days later in a thicket at Tatu City in Ruiru.


Pastor Anne Wanyoro, who police said was a close friend of the Magus, was arrested in connection to the deaths and is still in custody. Police said preliminary investigations directly linked her to the murders.

According to the family, the claims on social media suggesting that Mr Magu is still alive could be fueled by the fact that they did not allow the public to view the bodies of the deceased during the burial.

“We never allowed anyone to view the five bodies as they were badly decomposed and in a bad state. Close family members involved in the search were the only ones who saw the bodies and certified that indeed they were those of the Magu family,” he added.

Mr Muhiu remains hopeful that social media users will let the family recover peacefully even as investigations into the deaths continue.

The death of the Magu family roped in one of Africa’s most famous evangelists, Nigerian preacher T.B Joshua, who defended himself from claims that he may have had something to do with the bizarre deaths.