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Family dispute leaves two siblings homeless in Nairobi

Two orphans in Nairobi are accusing a city mosque committee of colluding with their relatives to detain their elder brother in a rehab so as to sell off their father’s property.

Mwanamkuu Abdi, 32 and her youngest sister Zubeda Abdi, 30 came to Nairobi News offices and narrated how their ‘inhuman relatives’ had consigned them to a life in the city’s streets since September.

The two accused their step-siblings of denying them access to their late father’s property and consequently depressing their elder brother, Hussein Abdi.

“When our father died he left a beach plot in Jomvu (Mombasa County) and residential houses in Majengo (Nairobi County) that our step-siblings have taken over. They have excluded us from trust fund benefits,” claime Ms Mwanamkuu.

In a quick rejoinder however, their elder step-brother Musawar Abdisatar told Nairobi News that their late father had not completed purchase of the Jomvu plot.


“My sisters are acting out of desperation. Our late father was their sole provider, so when he died and they tried depending on other relatives in vain, they started accusing us of denying them inheritance,” said Mr Abdisatar.

He added that their father only paid a deposit of Sh25, 000 for the land in Jomvu. But the purchase was stopped by the father of the young man who wanted to sell the property.

“The Majengo houses belong to the extended family and it is only our aunts and uncles who have shares. So our sisters cannot claim that they need a share of the monthly rent,” added Mr Abdisatar.

The two sisters had also accused their brother’s friend, Abu Sufyan, of colluding with the rehabilitation centre to deny them access to their brother.

“We have not even been allowed to visit our own brother since he was taken to the facility in 2004 and we know that his friends are colluding with the mosque committee to fundraise in our brother’s name yet they do not give us any financial help,” claimed Ms Zubeda.

Mr Sufyan has however denied reports that he barred the two sisters from visiting their brother.


“I am even the one who gave them bus fare to go and visit their brother in September and then they were housed by the director of the rehab at her home in Rongai for a week before they became rude to her after she questioned why they were bringing strangers to her home,” said Mr Sufyan.

He added that the two were evicted after they became abusive to their host and only visited his office on Tuesday this week demanding for his contact to record a statement with the police.

“Already the rehab bill for their brother is building up and we usually cater for it using donations made by well-wishers at the mosque,” said Mr Sufyan.

Both Zubeida and Mwanamkuu have been roaming in the streets, occasionally spending their nights at Jeevanjee Gardens along Moi Avenue, but relatives say they cannot help them anymore.

“Personally I housed Zubeda in my house a while back and in return she started being disrespectful to my wife and mother in-law by coming to the house at 4 am.  I have done what I can to help them but they are simply spoilt women,” said their step-brother Mr Abdisatar.


Ms Mwanamkuu has been cohabiting with her boyfriend with whom she has a daughter but was recently kicked out.

“My boyfriend was unhappy when I invited my sister to stay over at our house after she had been evicted by relatives. he told us to leave his house and refused to surrender my daughter,” narrated Ms Mwanamkuu.

The two accused police officers of mocking them whenever they go to police stations to record statements. They are scheduled to report the matter at the Independent Police Oversight Authority (Ipoa) on Thursday afternoon.