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Family drama: TikToker Shan Wanita’s burial awash with body ‘theft’ claims

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 29th, 2023 2 min read

In a heart-wrenching turn of events following the tragic demise of popular TikToker Shan Wanita, tensions have escalated within her family over the handling of her remains and the impending funeral arrangements.

Shan Wanita, who tragically lost her life in a road accident on September 17, 2023, was accompanied by her friend, Kevin, and his daughter in the fateful accident that claimed their lives.

TikToker and Instagram influencer Shan Wanita. PHOTO| COURTESY

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While the Kenyan social media and content creator community has come together to prepare for Shan Wanita’s final farewell set for September 29, a shocking revelation has emerged from within her family.

Shan’s mother has raised concerns, alleging that her daughter’s body was taken from the mortuary without her knowledge and consent, leaving her deeply aggrieved.

In a candid interview with online bloggers, the grieving mother expressed her anguish, saying:

“My daughter was supposed to be buried tomorrow (September 29). I am here in Umash, I am not leaving here before I am given my daughter’s body. I called Umash at around 3:30, and the person told me I could not see the body without the papers. I have never seen her body, nor have her siblings since she died. I was not given time to mourn, and there were some things we were to seek. I was not on good terms with the family since my husband died.”

The mother’s claims of not being involved in handling Shan’s remains have sparked a wave of controversy among social media users and the wider community.

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However, a close family friend took to Instagram to provide an alternative perspective, explaining why Shan’s body was taken without the mother’s presence.

Responding to the allegations, an online user identified as hanifa_moha254 commented:

“Yawa. People post things without getting the story. Relax, no one stole the body. It is just that the people who admitted the body signed out the body at her request. Stop painting us as evil family members and get the story. Shan is at home, and I’m wondering why all the drama. She was not there to sign in the body in the first place. We had two weeks to view the body in the morgue. Sometimes, you should leave family issues out of your content. We are mourning a young, beautiful soul; she doesn’t deserve these dramas. And get two sides of the story. 💔”

hanifa_moha254 further clarified: “What is being evil is that she requested the body to be released today instead of tomorrow, and we took off from our places of work for that. Shan is at her own home. Anyway, watch the drama because the shoe won’t fit because you have no background info.”

Responding to another query, she added: “When the child died, the mother was not available for postmortem and signing in the body. We waited for her at the morgue up to 1 am, and she did not turn up. Please get the story first.”

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