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Family feud over former VP Wamalwa’s estate gets uglier

The vicious family feud over former Vice President Kijana Wamalwa’s estate has just gotten muddier after a second group of late politician’s children dismissed earlier claims by two of their siblings.

Their response came just a day after Michelle Wamalwa and her brother Derek Mboya claimed that some members of their extended family have been scheming to disinherit them.

The two, who are the children of the late Yvonne Wamalwa, made the claims on Friday during the first anniversary of their mother.


But on Saturday, the second group of Wamalwa’s children, led by his first born daughter Alice Muthoni Wamalwa, made the same accusations against their disgruntled siblings.

Alice, Jabali Wamalwa, William Wamalwa Senior and William Wamalwa Junior claimed that Derek and Michelle are only battling for a larger share of the late Wamalwa’s estate.


“It is a question of fairness whether one of the beneficiaries can get three quarters of the estate to the disadvantage of the four who are left to share one quarter of the property,” said Alice, who also claims to be the sole executor of the Wamalwa estate.

Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa, who is a brother to the late Vice President, has also been drawn into the protracted family tussle with Yvonne Wamalwa’s two children accusing him of siding with their siblings.

And with the matter due for hearing on February 4, 2019, there seems to be no end in sight for the prolonged battle which has lasted 15 years now.