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Family desperate to find ‘missing’ form two student

A form two student at Rungiri Secondary School in Kikuyu is yet to report back to school for the third term after he went missing on Monday.

Michael Musembi, 15, left his home in Kinoo on Monday morning without saying where he was heading and three days later he is yet to return.

His mother, Martha Musembi told Nairobi News that he had not informed her of any meet up with a friend.


“On Sunday we had a church function and so came home late in the evening very tired and just slept. In the morning he just asked for the keys and left the house and when he failed to come back home we filed a missing persons report at Kikuyu Police Station,” said the mother.

Musembi was last seen donning a navy blue jumper and white and grey sweat pants.

The family is requesting anyone with information to call his mother on 0722511152 of Chief Kimemia on 0722277648 or 0723455439.