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Family first, but bikes will always be close to my heart

Family first, but bikes will always be close to my heart

1. What sparked your interest in motorcycles?

I remember catching an Isle of Man TT race on the Internet back in college and thinking how cool the riders looked.

I bought my first bike brand new (TVS Apache RTR160) and all I had was an inkling on how to ride it. Never have I been so determined to do anything.

Since then, it has opened doors to the most important friendships I’ve made. There’s something about pulling up to other bikers and the instant camaraderie shown amongst fellow riders.

In my experience it’s been almost an immediate bond, as if race, politics, beliefs don’t come into play. The motorcycle family (at least among sports bikes) seems to be above the nonsense that separates us in our normal lives.

2. What type of motorbike do you own?

A 2006 Suzuki GSR 400

3. Given the risk motorbikes come with, what measures do you take to ensure your safety on the road?

First of all, I arm myself with knowledge from several riders’ videos online on safe riding. I always ride with one eye on the road and another one on the motorist closest to me as a preventive measure.

Second, I have spent a good amount of money on safety gear, ranging from helmets, jackets, gloves and boots.

Third, I have invested in a comprehensive insurance scheme, accident cover and air evacuation on the bike and myself.

4. On average, how much does it cost to maintain your motorbike?

I spend roughly Sh6,000 a month on fuel as I commute daily on my bike on Thika super highway.

However, regular maintenance is slightly more since I have to import most, if not all the parts, myself from Europe. The cost of importing the parts and having them installed is between 150-230 pounds (Sh21,000-Sh33,000).

5. Do you engage in other activities with your bike, for example street races?

One promise I made to my mother when I was getting into motorcycling was that I would not engage in dangerous activities with the bike. Street racing is one of them and I am a man of my word. Nevertheless, this does not stop me from being part of the street racing organising committee like our very own The Superbike Trophy.

I also go on out of town trips with my riding mate, Jerry and I get enough thrill from that.

6. Do you think you will ride your bike even when you have settled down with a family?

Yes, I definitely will. My motorcycles will not prevent me from my duties as a caring father, loving husband and sole breadwinner for my family. Family will always come first but motorcycles will always be close to my heart.

7. What do you love most about riding motorcycles?

I love to ride my bike because I am in total control and the master of the moment. I am free from worries. A new sense of freedom, a different dimension opens up for you when riding. Every man needs a hobby right? I love riding and will always love riding motorcycles.