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Family, friends raise Sh9.1m for burial of Kenyan couple who died US car crash

Family and friends of Mr Gideon Mbatha Mutuka and Ms Ruth Musila Wambusa have contributed Sh9.1 million towards their burial. The couple died in a grisly road accident on the 71 Freeway in Chino Hill, USA.

The couple, who called Lake Elsinore their home, was among four individuals who perished in the deadly crash caused by a reckless driver who entered the freeway in the wrong direction. This happened on Sunday, March 19, 2021 at 2:30 am.

Family and friends decided to raise funds towards the funeral of the couple who have been described by many as very loving. By Wednesday evening, Sh 9.1 million had been raised via GoFund Me initiative by Karla Gibson, a neighbour of the deceased couple.

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Gibson further described the couple as the nicest and friendliest of neighbours who had left behind three young children aged 12, 7 and 3.

“Many of their family members reside in Kenya and those here will have the task of caring for and ensuring these children can continue to live their lives with as little interruption as possible,” the statement further reads.

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Gibson said the funds would cover funeral expenses as well as financial support for the couple’s children.

Journalist Mukurima Muriuki who resides in the USA said he is still coming to terms with the death of his two friends.

“It is always difficult to understand why such terrible things happen to good people, but it is crucial to remember that their love and kindness will live on through the indelible memories they leave behind,” said Mr Muriuki.

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