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Slain NIS officer’s family claim his murder was planned

The family of a National Intelligence Service officer who was killed by a mob in Nairobi’s Donholm area last Sunday has alleged that there was a pre-planned plot to have him dead.

Family spokesman Kimathi Munjuri says there are several indications that his cousin, Anthony Kimathi, 29, was killed through a conspiracy.

Speaking to the Sunday Nation, Mr Munjuri asked why police officers would disarm a man and leave him at the mercy of a crowd rather than arrest him.

He also criticised Inspector-General of Police Joseph Boinnet for commenting on “non-issues” while he keeps mum on matters concerning his officers.

The family alleges that there was something not captured in video footage available pertaining to what made the officer fall into a ditch.

Mr Munjuri suspects his cousin could have been shot, arguing that given his advanced training earlier as a Recce officer, he would not have gone down so easily.


“What would have been expected from someone with such level of training is that he would have put up a fight,” he said. “We want a second post-mortem conducted to show if there are other injuries on his body.”

The family has obtained photos from the scene showing that at the time Mr Kimathi floored the person who had snatched a gun from him, there was no crowd at the scene.

Mr Munjuri wants an explanation as to where the crowd came from and the role played by two policemen.

The news of Mr Kimathi’s death broke on Monday, with reports that a mob confused him for a robber because he was controlling traffic while having two pistols and in civilian clothing without a badge, which saw him get stoned to death.

A video emerged showing the officer’s last moments as a mob descended on him amid futile calls from one man urging the crowd to spare his life.

The man, who spoke to Sunday Nation but asked not to be named for personal reasons, said it was in his car that Mr Kimathi and a colleague in the NIS were riding as he drove them to Rongai.


“As we approached the Donholm junction, we met a traffic jam. He decided to alight and sort out the mess.”

But in the process, one man noticed a gun tucked in his trousers and snatched it. As he was carrying two guns, he drew the other one and ran after that man,” he said.

He narrated that Mr Kimathi was prompted to shoot at the man who had snatched the gun, which attracted a crowd.

“Then a man came in a brown jacket and identified himself as a police officer. He then took the two pistols from Kimathi. From there, hell broke loose,” he said, adding that Mr Kimathi had left his identification details in another car that had three of his colleagues who were driving to Rongai separately.

When contacted IG Mr Boinnet declined to comment saying investigations were ongoing.

Mr Kimathi was involved in a rescue operation at the Westgate shopping mall during his stint at the Recce squad.