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Family searches for missing daughter amid fears of defection to terror group

A family in Nairobi South C is looking for their 17-year-old daughter who disappeared from their family home in Al Mukarram estate, Monday morning.

Faiza Mohammed Sheikh left the house for a walk alone after she told the family driver she was just strolling around.

It is after searching her bedroom that her parents discovered that her American passport was missing.

While speaking to NTV, Faiza’s mother, Saadia Mohammed, said, “It is not her behavior to be away for more than 30 minutes, after an hour passed I started looking for her around and I did not find her.”

It was then that her mother notified her father who rushed home and the search began.

Her father, Mohammed, said he was close to his daughter as he would drop and pick her from school and had not noticed any abnormal behaviors.

Faiza had just graduated from Light Academy and was expected to join Form Five at Braeside School, Nairobi in September.


She had on different occasions expressed her interest to relocate to her country of birth, USA, but her father told her to wait until she was ready to join University.

The father described his daughter as an avid reader of books who also likes watching movies.

“Sasa tunaangalia upande hio (ugaidi), tunaangalia kama ni ugaidi ingine, kama ni unajua…majambazi, hatuelewi ni nini,” said Faiza’s father.

Faiza, whose height is 5.8 feet, was last seen wearing a black Muslim dress, green scarf and white sport shoes.

She speaks English, Somali and understands Kiswahili.

In May last year, two girls from Nairobi’s South C estate went missing for three days before breaking silence to notify their families that they were in Syria.

The two childhood friends, Salwa Abdalla and Twafiqa Dahir, both 20 years old, disappeared after dropping off Twafiqa’s cousins and siblings from madrassa.