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Family searching for 17-year-old daughter who went missing after leaving for school

A family in Garissa is looking for their 17 year old daughter, who went missing on Monday morning after leaving home for school.

Sahlan Hassan left the house at 6am in school uniform but never returned home in the evening.

“Sahlan is a very quiet and obedient girl, she always comes back from school at 5pm. But on Monday I started getting worried when it reached 6pm and she had not yet arrived,” said the mother of the girl Halima Hassan.

She was later to find out that the girl did not even make it to school after talking to the class teacher and asking about her daughter’s whereabouts.


“We have been having a lot of cases of girls and boys disappearing here in Garissa. We don’t know who is doing it and where they take them. Other than her school mates, my daughter had very few friends. I hope I can find her soon,” said Ms Halima.

Ms Halima says she reported the incident at Garissa Police Station but three days later the search has yielded no fruits.

When she was last seen, the standard eight pupil was in a white and brown stripped school uniform and a brown hijab. She speaks Somali, Kiswahili and English.