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Family of teenager gunned down in Jericho claims police shot dead the wrong person

The shooting to death of a young man in Nairobi’s Jericho estate, by police officers, who claimed he was a gangster and the son of a one-time most wanted criminal has taken a fresh twist after his family members came out deny the police accounts.

The 16-year-old boy’s family is now demanding answers why their kin was gunned down by the police on Friday morning in what they believe was a case of mistaken identity.

Arnold Okong’o, whose family members say was a matatu tout, was shot dead within the estate by police officers who claimed he was a wanted gangster who had been terrorizing residents of the estate.

On Saturday, Buru Buru DCI boss Jeremiah Ikiao even confirmed to Nairobi News that the slain suspect was part of gang notorious for robbing sportsmen and fans near and around Camp Toyoyo Stadium in Jericho estate.

However, the boy’s father, who happens to be the coach of Jericho All Stars FC, has since come out to dispute the police account saying his son was a victim of murder by the police.


Son of one time most wanted criminal shot dead

Mr Thomas Okong’o narrated to Nairobi News how his son was shot and killed by two police officers who were on a motorbike.

“My son was a tout with matatu which plies the 8B route. He was on his way to work after having breakfast when he was approached by two people who asked him if his name was Shimoli before they shot him 16 times,” said Mr Okong’o.

He further disputed police reports that the slain victim was a criminal and the son of the once most wanted criminal in Kenya the late Edward Maina Shimoli.

The boy’s uncle, Geoffrey Okemo, who also spoke to Nairobi News, eulogised his nephew and wondered why the police had to shoot him 16 times yet he had raised his hands and was clearly unarmed.

When Nairobi News sought comments from the police on the fresh developments, Buru Buru DCI boss Jeremiah Ikiao said that the only way they can know who was shot is when the family identifies his body on Monday.

“When the family comes to the City Mortuary on Monday is when we will know who was shot,” Mr Ikiao told Nairobi News on the phone.