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Famous Kenyans who’ve miscarried and kept going

Miscarrying a baby is hard. Not only physically taxing but emotionally and mentally damaging. It launches you into unexpected grief, leaving you drowning and doubting your capacity to be a mother.

It breaks your spirit especially if you were longing for that baby, maybe you had a womb that had been waiting for what seemed like forever.

Was there something you had done wrong? Had you treated someone unfairly and maybe this was karma?

Will you ever carry another baby? Will that baby reach full term? So many questions with no immediate answers.

And so you try and soldier on, trying to not cradle your tummy, wondering what your baby would have looked like, what its voice would have sounded like, trying not to watch videos with babies in them or staring at that mum with her baby in public. You try and reel yourself in, you don’t know who to turn to in seeking comfort and strength because your partner is also grieving the loss of this baby…it is not easy, and no amount of ‘you will get another baby soon’ comments will lift this grief. But only time heals…time and chance. Because rainbow babies are a thing. Because God/Allah and other religions’ deities blessed you with a baby to sooth your spirit, ease your fears and give you hope that there is a rainbow at the end of the storm.

These must have been the thoughts, fears and hopes of the following famous Kenyan celebs who suffered miscarriages and soldiered on with their lost babies imprinted on their hearts:

    1. Kambua Maundu- The celebrated musician and television personality gave birth to her first child in 2019, and to a sleeping baby in 2021. From her public testimonies on the event, the loss broke her and she decided to disappear from the public eye to mourn with her family. She cautiously reappeared several months later. Out of the blue in late 2022, she announced that she had welcomed a baby girl. Kenyans rallied around her, mourned and celebrated with her as she navigated motherhood after waiting for years before her marriage could be blessed with children.
    2. Pauline Njoroge- On Mother’s Day 2023, the renowned political blogger revealed that she miscarried twins at four months. Her revelation came as a shock to Kenyans who never knew she had been expectant to begin with. In her revelation, she also called out those who insulted her and other women for being childless especially during disagreements. She endured the same from opposing political bloggers.
    3. Lynne- Comedian Eric Omondi’s girlfriend miscarried their baby in November 2022. Kenyans came to learn of this because Eric recorded the entire miscarriage period and shared it online to the chagrin of a section of Kenyans. He said they had fought for over 5 hours to save the unborn baby but life had other plans.
    4. Akothee- the celebrated musician revealed she had suffered a miscarriage in 2022 after losing what would have been her sixth baby. She revealed this after one of her critics wished death upon any baby from Akothee’s womb. “Mommy your wish came too late, however, it came to pass. We posted the baby bump after we lost the baby already. his was not even a baby bump shoot. This is a photo my husband took after the doctor told us we are losing, you can clearly see I have finished all the tears, uso imepara kweli. May God bless you just as you bless others,” said Akothee at the time.
    5. Amira- the renowned entrepreneur and socialite revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage occasioned by beatings she got from her ex-husband, Jimal Rohosafi. She made the revelations during an online war of words between her and Jimal, accusing him of being a toxic and violent husband to the extent of beating her up in front of their kids and his family. This would have been her third baby.
    6. Amber Ray- the Instagram influencer also lost her second baby that she had been expecting with Jimal Rohosafi. The baby was conceived during their extra-marital affair and Amber Ray said it was fortunate and unfortunate that she had lost the baby because she wasn’t ready to be a single mother at the time. She also said this in light of Jimal dumping her as soon as she told him she was pregnant. Today, Amber has a new born daughter with fiancée Kennedy Rapudo.
    7. Size 8 Reborn- the celebrated gospel musician and television personality suffered a tragic miscarriage that also risked her life. In 2021, she had uncontrolled hypertension and she had been in and out of the hospital. However, it got to a point where it either had to be her life or their unborn baby’s. They had emergency surgery to save Size 8’s life. This would have been their third baby.

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