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Fan makes the ‘mistake’ of dissing Akothee’s new song, gets ripped by singer

Singer Akothee has lit up social media after going ham on a fan who posted his disapproval of her new song titled ‘Muje’.

The fan, registered on Facebook as Chacha Jackson, had posted how he gets appalled by Kenyan musicians singing with Nigerian accents.

“I hate it when a Kenyan sing with the Nigerian accent,” posted Chacha Jackson.

Akothee’s latest release has a heavy Nigerian accent.

Kenyans online have given varied reactions to the new song, but it was Chacha’s comment that got Akothee irked.

“That’s the power of a linguist, I speak 6 languages pidgin being one of them how about you? MR HEAVY TONGUE I love it when the producer is Nigerian, the song produced in Nigeria do you even know the capital city of Nigeria? it’s called LEKKI Phase , the land of cassava everyman is carrying cassava double or triple your size 1 don’t worry, I also hated British English in school , and it came with British PIPO I still hate to love it , no one ever talked to me in Dholuo at the airport, if your tongue is heavy sorry , Achieng Otieno , wacha kutongoza wenaume kwa page yangu ati same here , same where ?see mumu,” replied Akothee.

Akothee released the song on Friday.