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Fans anger Marya Prude by linking her to ex-hubby Raburu

April 6th, 2021 1 min read

Citizen Tv presenter Willis Raburu’s former wife Marya Prude has made it explicitly clear to her fans on social media that she is no longer Mrs Raburu.

An irate Prude was responding to a fan who commented on her social media post saying, “For sure you’re beautiful Mrs r,” to which she responded, “Nop…I’m Miss now.”

To another fan she clarified, “I am tired of deleting your comments every time! I am Ms Irungu”.

Raburu and Prude went their separate ways immediately after they lost their daughter, Adana, in January 2020, with his now ex-wife moving out of their matrimonial home.

The couple had been having issues even during the early days of their pregnancy as Prude accused the 10 Over 10 show host of cheating.

After the separation, she deactivated all her social media pages and when she returned, she dropped the Raburu surname.

The fashionista changed her bio which read Marya Raburu to Marya Prude KE and made the account public.

Speaking in a recent interview on Mseto East Africa, Raburu said the biggest mistake he ever did was to expose his ex-wife to public scrutiny.

“I can’t blame people for talking about her and our relationship, yet I am the one who put her in the limelight by posting our photos,” Raburu said.