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Fans angry after Vera hooks up with Otile for romance in Dubai

A move by socialite Vera Sidika and singer Otile Brown to get back together in Dubai has been slammed as a cheap attention-seeking gimmick.

The two hooked up at a hotel in Dubai on Thursday night. They both did not offer any explanation on whether they had reunited or actually had not broken up in the first place.

It all started last Sunday when Otile posted a picture of Vera on her birthday, publicly confessing how much he missed her.


“You’re such a beautiful person, lively and kind. I do miss you sometimes. Happy birthday ma, more life more blessings. Katoto ka Cutie” Otile wrote.”

Well for starters this, as expected, caused a buzz on social media and in blogs.

Vera had been in Dubai to celebrate her birthday, with a bash at the Kiza Lounge in Dubai. And on Wednesday, Otile posted on his Instagram page that he was set to perform at a night club I Dubai, touching off speculation on whether they would hook up.

The two allegedly broke up towards the end of July in unclear circumstances and deleted each other’s pictures from their social media pages.

What followed later was Otile dropping a lyrical video song ‘Niacheni’ which was seen as a response to Vera.

However, this seems to be a stunt and their fans are not impressed. On Thursday night, Otile shared a picture of himself staring at Vera’s backside with the caption: “Mine.”

Simultaneously, she shared a picture without Otile with the caption: “His.”


A number have come out to condemn their endless publicity stunts.

Alphaxard Pamba said: “Umetubore I unfollow your boring drama.”

Liz Jackson said: “I wish I minded mt business from the very beginning.”

Eliza Njesh added: “Keeping up with the Otile’s hahah this search for fame is on another level.”

Ivy Wv said: “Wimbo iingie pleas ya kurudiana hehehe!”

Being Mamazoila quipped: “Am being carried malenge but am here to stay. Am part of this relationship they have emotionally involved me. Hahaha.”

Zawadi went on: “Hebu wapause kidogo hatuwezi shinda tumeshift from hii story to another.” Stacious the Model said: “Hawa wanadhani we are kids.”

Steve Wonder900 said: “Mwachezea medulla zetu.”

Barbzy Kim added: “Nyinyi nini inawasumbua. Mnashuku hamtapata watu wa kuwakula vile mnakulangana ama?” Pheebs 254 said: “Feeling lost with 10k others.”

Juzmalika went on: “Aaah btw muache ujinga. Nikama kuwatch kura ziki hesabiwa halafu stima ipotee. I feel played with 100 others. You play too much.”