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Fans defend Sanaipei Tande in her cute little dress

Popular Kenyan singer, Sanaipei Tande, has come under fire from a section of Kenyans who accused her of posting ‘semi-nude’ photos on her social media platforms.

The singer, who posted three photos on May 2, 2023 showed herself in a short-patterned dress, slightly exposing her thighs.

The images attracted a lot of attention and sparked heated debates on Twitter.

Some social media users argued the photos were inappropriate and the singer was setting a bad example for her young fans.

Others, however, came to her defense, stating that the photos were not ‘semi-nude’ and that people were overreacting.

Singer Suzanna Owiyo spoke in support of Tande, saying there was nothing wrong with her dressing.

She wrote: “Let Sanaipei Tande be. I don’t see any problem with her dressing & to all ladies out there, no matter your age, be you, do you. Let no one tell you that you’re ever past your prime.”

Sanaipei also received support from several social media users.

King Shirley praised Sanaipei for being unproblematic, while Kevin Kiprich pointed out that she looks good for her age.

Acholah Collins also came to her defense, stating that Sanaipei is a beautiful and sovereign individual who has not done anything out of the ordinary.

Abuga Makori, a Kenyan journalist, expressed his admiration for Sanaipei Tande and condemned those who criticized her photos.

Makori described Tande as a multi-talented artist who has contributed significantly to Kenya’s creative industry and has inspired many youths who are starting their careers.

@blackice_254 defended Sanaipei Tande, said that people in the comment section were going too far with their criticisms.

“I mean everyone definitely will get old just let people do whatever they want at their respective ages some even don’t get to that age, they die early, so let her enjoy her age in what way she sees fit for her.”

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