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Fans envy Guardian Angel’s marriage to Esther Musila

Celebrated gospel singer Guardian Angel’s fans and followers have envied his love life with them outpouring their admiration for him and his wife.

In a music video the artiste shared on his TikTok, Guardian who was lip-syncing and dancing alongside his wife Esther Musila saw many of his followers desire marriage and love like the one the two love birds shared.

@bonnydhecarter wrote, “Lord I don’t care about the age, I just need to be this happy with my spouse. As long as I am happy and having my peace people can talk. Amen.”

“True love, may God protect ur marriage guyz…much love,” said Neema Grace.

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“This couple gives me hopes that even me, I will get someone who will appreciate me…May God take you far sweethearts,” wrote zippykariuki96.

“My favourites on it again!!! Nawapenda tuu bure… you’re the true definition of how a family should be,” said michaelmutisya741.

“You couples give me hope in marriage,” wrote Chikitah.

“I think mbavu wangu alipikwa supu (I think my rib was turned into soup), wish was this happy,” thought Basil Wafula.

However, the couple’s relationship in the past was heavily criticized due to their age difference but that did not deter them from publicly showing the love they had for each other.

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Check them out vibing on TikTok.


unaweza… 🥰

♬ original sound – MUSIC DOCTOR

Having tied the knot early last year in an invite-only ceremony, roughly seven months after he popped the question, Musila thanked radio veteran Maina Kageni for the link up to Guardian.

Saying she loved the crooner’s song titled Radar which she had never heard. It mesmerised her to the point where she kept listening to it throughout the day.

Musila would later request Radio king Maina Kageni to arrange a meet-up with Guardian. That was the beginning of their love story.

However, their love story in the public light would not auger well with some people owing to their age difference and the fact that Musila had children, who were almost Guardian’s age.

The Nadeka hitmaker – born Peter Omwaka Audiphaxad – and his lover were nonetheless not shaken by people’s opinion and continued serving couple goals.

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