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Media personality Fareed Khimani opens up about addiction and wedding plans

Renowned media personality Fareed Khimani has candidly shared his journey through alcoholism and drug abuse, revealing the impact it had on his personal life, including his marriage and relationship with his children.

In an interview with Nailantei Kenga, Fareed discussed the challenges he faced and the lessons he learned from being raised by an absentee father.

Fareed’s battle with addiction led him to seek rehabilitation in South Africa.

Despite the hardships, he found strength and inspiration in his children.

“My children have taught me what pure love is. Rebuilding my relationship with my ex-wife as a friend and being there for my kids has been a transformative experience,” he shared.

Reflecting on his own upbringing, Fareed acknowledged the absence of a strong father figure in his life.

“My father had his own traumas, and there was a lack of genuine love. However, he provided for us well, and I’ve forgiven him,” he said.

Determined to be a positive influence on his children, Fareed expressed his desire for them to remember him as a present and supportive father rather than focusing on his past struggles with addiction.

“I want my children to say that I tried my best to be there for them,” he added.

In his journey towards recovery, Fareed says he has redirected his energy towards healthier pursuits.

“I channel my energy into rigorous workouts, immerse myself in my work, and cherish coffee moments with close friends. I’ve also made a conscious decision to avoid late-night revelries and post-event gatherings,” he said.

Despite overcoming addiction, Fareed faced another heartbreaking challenge with the passing of his mother.

“My mum’s passing is bittersweet,” he shared.

“During her illness, I made sure to spend time with her, sober, which she hadn’t seen for most of my adult life. It’s a regret that will always stay with me,” he added.

When questioned about his dating life, Khimani revealed that he is in a relationship and has introduced his partner to his children.

He also shared his plans for a birthday trip to the Seychelles in June and hinted at the possibility of getting married within the next two years.

“We are planning a trip to Seychelles for our birthdays in June. The wedding will be in the next year or two. I recently told my kids about her, which is the first time I did that,” he said.